Tips for a Pet Safe Halloween

Halloween can be spooky for your furry family members. Even the best-behaved dog can become overwhelmed on Holidays. We have a few tips for a pet-safe Halloween.

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A few Tips for a Pet-Safe Halloween

1. Walk your dog while it is still light out, do not leave your dog unattended out in the year on Halloween

2. No Trick or Treats. Keep Halloween treats and candy out of reach, remember chocolate is toxic for dogs.

3. Provide a safe hideaway, such as a dog kennel for your dog for the evening.

4. Make sure your dog has a proper and current ID on his collar in case he gets out the front door

5. Dress-up can be fun for you but make sure to never purchase costumes for your pets with pieces that can be chewed off and choked on.

6. Decorate with pet safety in mind. Dogs love to chew on things. Keep those extra cords out of reach and be careful where you place your lit jack-0-lanterns

We wish you and your furry friends a safe, and fun Halloween.

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