Martin’s Larsen Farms provides fresh quality feed and supplements from reputable manufactures. Stocking a supply of horse, livestock, show, poultry, small animal and deer feeds.

ADM Animal Nutrition (Oxford and Eustis Locations)ADM Feed
ADM Animal Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of animal nutrition. They offer nutritional livestock solutions of feeds and supplements,  for beef, dairy, swine, sheep, goats, and poultry. ADM provides quality products for equine, backyard chickens, rabbits, wildlife, and show feeds. In fact, ADM brands trace back to the late 1800s. Specifically with a focus on improving livestock feed.

obs horse feedsOBS Feeds (Oxford and Eustis Locations)
Ocala Breeders Feed & Supply provides customers with the highest quality in the marketplace since 1982. Indeed, they are a top producer of texture and pellet horse feeds. Certainly their feeds are are well-formulated, have full fortification, and incredibly fresh. Above all, follows up their rations with research and proven results on how products perform. Specifically, this is done through their partnership with Kentucky Equine Research. In addition, quality control and housekeeping meet and exceed industry requirements. Their plant is medication free and FDA inspected. Furthermore, OBS monitors floor inventory daily, and adjust production accordingly to ensure customers receive locally milled, daily freshness in OBFS Feeds.

Central States (Oxford and Eustis Locations)
With roots in the grain industry dating back to World War II, Central States is a feed manufacturer that customers trust. They provide feed products for nearly every animal’s needs: horses, dogs, cattle and goats, wild birds, and much more. Central States makes and distributes products of the highest quality. Of course, all products include whole grains are triple cleaned.

Seminole Feed

Seminole Feed (Oxford and Eustis Locations)
Seminole is one of the few companies today that manufactures fixed formula horse feeds. With diligent control over the manufacturing process, combined with Seminole’s finest-quality ingredients and superior formulas customers receive the highest quality. Feeds are all-natural and non-medicated.  Seminole Feed mill in downtown Ocala, right in the middle of the Horse Capital of the World.

Knights Farm Fresh Feed (Eustis Location Only)
Manufacturing feed in central Florida for over 30 years, customers trust Knights. Matin’s Larsen Farms sells Knight’s horse, cattle, show, swine, poultry, sheep & goat feeds.

MidSouth FeedsMidSouth (Eustis Location Only)
Mid-South Feeds, Inc. is located in Alma, Georgia. They began manufacturing feed in 1991. Since the beginning, they have focused on superior quality. MidSouth offers only the best products for cattle, horses, poultry, gamebirds, specialty, and pets. Like us at Martin’s they have a passion for quality and customer success. Thus, their mission is to promote animal health and performance through advanced nutrition.

You can be confident the Martin’s Larsen Farms provides you with brands of feed and supplements that people trust.



Horse Feed

The staff at Martin’s Larsen Farms has decades of experience in the agriculture industry. That's why we lend our expertise to each and every customer who steps into our stores looking for horse feed. We carry high-quality equine products for horses of any life stage and for any health need....

Cattle Feed

Martin's Larsen Farms sells a wide range of high-quality cattle feed to address any and all of the nutritional needs of your herd. As cattle producers, we know how important fresh feed, minerals, and supplements are when maintaining your cattle's health. Our staff works hard to ensure we keep the...

Show Feed

  If you're looking for show feed & supplements to help boost your animal's health or give that final push, look no further than Martin’s Larsen Farms. We are your go-to shop for anything and everything related to show animals including cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and more. From feed to...

Small Animal Feed

Martin's not only has a selection of small animal feed. That's right, we know not everyone has a horse or livestock, some even have a dog or cat. That is why we strive to keep feed and supplies in for small animals of any type. Do you have a pet...

Poultry Feed

Whether you have a large flock of laying hens, broilers, have birds for pets, or ducks on your pond, Martin’s Larsen Farms has the high-quality poultry feed and treats your birds need. Poultry Feed Brands We understand that in order for your birds to reach their production potential they have...

Other Livestock Feed

The health of your livestock is important to us at Martin's Larsen Feeds. We carry high-quality livestock feed for sheep, swine, goat, and everything in-between. We also stock a range of supplements to increase the success rate of your feeding program. Swine Feed Martin’s  Larsen Farms stocks high-quality lines of...

Outdoor & Wildlife Feed

Stop into Martins Larsen Farms for your Outdoor & Wildlife Feed and Supplies. Feeding deer, turkey, or other wild animals? Come see us. ADM has some fantastic deer feeds that have proven to grow record racks. Have questions? Be sure to contact us and a helpful member of our staff...