Triptych of a sheep, goat, and pigThe health of your livestock is important to us at Martin’s Larsen Feeds. We carry high-quality livestock feed for sheep, swine, goat, and everything in-between. We also stock a range of supplements to increase the success rate of your feeding program.

Swine Feed

Martin’s  Larsen Farms stocks high-quality lines of swine feed from reputable manufactures like ADM and Knight’s. Whether you’re looking to pick up feed for your pet mini pig, create a nutrition plan for your show pig, or have a breeding operation, we have everything you need to provide the highest-quality nutrition and maximize their growth.

Sheep & Goat Feed

From domestic goat feed or are developing a nutritional plan for your show goat or lamb, Martin’s Larsen Farms can help. We carry both locally made nationally recognized brands like ADM for your dairy goats, meat goats, and sheep in all production stages. See our selection of sheep & goat feed products here.

Click to see our productsHow to Shop Livestock Feed at Martin’s Larsen Farms

Stop into either of Martin’s Larsen Farms locations for your supply of livestock feed, minerals, and supplements. If there is a specific product you’re looking for, please give us a call or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find it.

We proudly offer local delivery as well as store pickup.