Click to see our productsMartin’s Larsen farms stocks a variety of quality bedding products.  These are popular with horse owners of all disciplines in both stalls and trailers. Furthermore, our livestock customers use shavings and pelleted bedding as well.  Also, you will find our bedding products used for pets, small animals, exotic animals, and poultry.

Queen Horse Bedding

Queen Easy Sift: Easy Sift shavings for a virtual dust-free, and 100% pine. Furthermore, they are absorbent shavings that allow you to clean your stalls quickly. Easy Sift bag size: expanded 5.51 cu ft, 2.2 cu. ft. Easy sift shavings shavingscompressed.

Queen Curly Q’s: These are pure medium flake shaving for a fluffy, low dust bedding experience. Also, Curly Q’s are 100% pine. Above all they provide the maximum pelleted beddingunder foot cushion with great absorbency. Curly Q’s bag size: 2.5 cu. ft. compressed.

Queen Pelleted Pine Bedding: These, tightly packed, dense pellets are 100% pine. Our pellets have a high absorbency and are naturally odor neutralizing. Just wet the product to create a soft, virtually dust-free footing. The pellet bag size is 40 pounds.

Derby Gold Bedding

Derby Gold Fine: These fine shavings are best known for their excellent absorption, low dust, and economical quality.  Milled from pine kurf and kiln-dried resulting in no moisture. Also, this shaving spreads rapidly and is easy to pick. Compresses 2.8 cu. ft. expands to 5.5 cu. Ft.

Derby Gold Blended: This blended bedding combines the comfort of the Premium flakes with the absorbency of the fine bedding. Indeed, this is the most popular choice among derby gold users who prefer multifunctional and attractive bedding for their stalls. The blended shavings are a kiln-dried pine with a great pine scent that fluff when they are picked. Also, you will find they have minimal dust. In addition, they are biodegradable. Compressed to 2.8 cu. Ft. expands to 6 cu. Ft.

Derby Gold Premium: The premium shavings are kiln-dried soft pine flakes with a pleasant fragrance. They are 100% biodegradable, spread easily, are dust-free, and have excellent absorption. Additionally, they have a superior cushion, which is why it is widely used by owners and trainers of high-performance horses. They fluff when they are picked and are show quality. Compressed 2.8 cu. ft., expands to 8+ cu. ft.

Cedar Fiber Bedding

cedar fiber beddingCedar Fiber Bags (2.5 cubic foot, 25 lbs): These aromatic red cedar flakes are fantastic in livestock show barns.  The plastic liner packaging holds the moisture in and rainscedar fiber bedding out. There is no dust, in addition, it repels flies, fleas, and other insects. Furthermore, the particles are small enough to make cleaning faster without major loss of bedding. Receive 25 cents off per bag when purchasing 10 or more.

Cedar Fiber Super Sacks (88 cubic foot, 950 lbs): The same great bedding as the smaller bags in bulk.  Larger barns love this option.


Martin’s Larsen Farms know that quality bedding products are important to animal owners. Consequently, our customers remain satisfied with the selection available from these two brands.