Hay is the core of our business here at Martin’s Larsen Farms. We take great pride in providing a variety of top-quality hay & forage. We purchase directly from both local and western growers. Furthermore, Martin’s knows how important high-quality hay is for the health of your livestock. Our staff puts their expertise to use when establishing partnerships with producers that will provide consistent quality.

Browse some of our consistent stock of hay, grass, & forage below.

Alfalfa is legume hay that we purchase directly from growers in Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona. It is high in protein and minerals, in addition, it is more palatable than grass hays. Alfalfa hay is high in nutritional value. Alfalfa is one of the most popular horse hay varieties available. We stock large pasture bales of alfalfa (Idaho), 2-string (New Mexico), and 3-string (Nevada & Arizona) bales.

Timothy Hay
Timothy is grass hay. It’s a good source of zinc & protein, high fiber, and low starch. Due to its low protein levels, Timothy hay can be fed regularly to satisfy appetite without excess calories and protein. Also, in some cases, it provides enough protein for less active and stabled horses. Our 2-string timothy comes from Quebec, while our 3-string is purchased from Nevada.

Orchard Grass
A cool season, tall-growing grass that is high in fiber and sugar with moderate protein. It has a green to bluish-green tint when mature for harvest. Furthermore, Orchard hay helps support a healthy digestive tract. Our 2 String comes from Idaho and the 3-string Orchard we stock comes from Nevada.

a grey horse eating hay outsideOrchard/Alfalfa (O&A)
Alfalfa grown with orchard grass and harvested is Orchard/Alfalfa hay. It is a very soft green hay high in protein and nutrients. Baled in the high elevations where drying conditions are optimal. Indeed, it is sweet-smelling and highly palatable. Certainly, this is excellent hay for any type of animal that needs high protein and palatability. Idaho is where the 2-string we stock comes from and the 3-string is purchased from a Utah grower.

Alberta is where the TOA we stock is grown. This is a mixed blend of alfalfa legumes with timothy and orchard grass. This mix is highly digestible and is well-liked by many equine customers.

TEFF Grass
Teff grass in recent years has become popular among horse owners. Particularly those looking to reduce the amount of sugar and starch in their horses’ diets while maintaining an adequate amount of protein. The teff hay we stock is from Arizona.

Timothy/Alfalfa (T&A)
Alfalfa is grown with timothy grass and harvested together for quality T&A hay. Grown in the Northeast United States and Canada, our T&A is purchased from Ontario, Canada. Above all, it is rich in nutrition and is a favorite among customers.

Coastal & Tifton Grass
Coastal and Tifton are types of Bermuda grass. Their nutritional value is lower than that of orchard grass or Timothy, however, it is useful for “easy keepers” and to use as busy hay. We have relationships with growers in North Florida and Georgia for our supply of coastal hay.

Peanut Forage
Perennial peanut is a high-quality forage legume. When harvested as hay it can be fed to horses, dairy and beef cattle, hogs, goats, sheep, and rabbits. It can be stored as dry hay or silage and is a great substitute for alfalfa.

How to Purchase Hay & Forage from Martin’s Larsen Farms
Stop by either of Martin’s Larsen Farms locations for your supply of hay & forage. If there is a specific type of grass, forage, or hay you’re looking for, please give us a call or contact us and we’ll be happy to help you find it. Need directions? Click here for directions to our Oxford, Florida location and here for directions to our Eustis, Florida location.

We proudly offer local delivery as well as store pickup on products. Coming soon watch for our online store.


Conventional Bales

Conventional bales also called square bales are the most popular size hay at Martin's Larsen Farms. Weights on the square bales vary depending on the variety and shipment. For a full description of the hay in stock please see our hay and forage page. Also, delivery service is available.

Field Bales

Field bales are large tightly compressed bales of hay. Alfalfa comes in 500 and 1000 pound bales. In addition, it is available in an 820-pound bale that is 3'x3'x8' in diameter. Also, we stock 500-pound field bales that are a nice blend of Orchard and Alfalfa hay.


Martin's keeps an ample supply of round roll hay.  We stock both Coastal and Tifton 85 varieties in the round rolls. The round rolls are sold as-is.