hand feeding white chicken poultry feedWhether you have a large flock of laying hens, broilers, have birds for pets, or ducks on your pond, Martin’s Larsen Farms has the high-quality poultry feed and treats your birds need.

Poultry Feed Brands

We understand that in order for your birds to reach their production potential they have to have the nutrition they need. That’s why we carry poultry feed and supplies from recognized brands like ADM, Central States, and MidSouth Feeds. We have starter feeds for your chicks. As your birds mature you transition them to laying feeds. Therefore, we have layer poultry feeds in both crumbles and pellets. Also, we stock scratch grains.

Backyard Flock Supplies

We also have chicken grit, probiotics, electrolytes, and de-wormers. You will find a nice selection of poultry feeders and waters at Martin’s in a variety of sizes. Furthermore, we have poultry treats that your flock will love.

Click to see our productsFeed for All Flocks

Our poultry feeds include more than just chickens. We have feeds for all species in your flock. Chicks, chickens, turkeys, guineas, ducks, quail, and more all have feed available at Martin’s Larsen Farms.

Drop into Martin’s Larsen Farms for all your poultry and game bird feed and supplies. Have questions? Be sure to contact us and a helpful member of our staff will help you pick out the best feed for your flock.