Sullivan’s Undress Adhesive & Touch Up Breakdown

Martin’s Larsen Farms is excited to announce that we have the New Sullivan’s Undress Adhesive & Touch Up Breakdown in stock.

Sullivan’s Undress Adhesive & Touch UP Breakdowns is the perfect product on show day.

  • Fast Acting!
  • No oily residue!
  • Perfect for same-day refitting.
  • Water Soluble, Biodegradable, No harsh chemicals.

Not to mention that at the end of show day when it’s time to take it all off, Sullivan’s Undress delivers the safe and effective removal of all show day adhesives and touch-ups. Furthermore, UndressTM features a powerful blend of dynamic enzymes that provide the extreme levels of solubility needed to dissolve the unique chemistry of show-day adhesives and touch-ups. As a matter of fact, it is Perfect for same-day refitting … Also, NO oily residues! After shampoo and blow drying, hair will be fresh and crisp allowing for optimum adhesive performance. Undress is biodegradable, water-soluble and derived from natural plant-based resources that are “green” status classified, making it free of harsh abrasives or caustic chemicals that could irritate your animal’s hide or hair. Recommended for all livestock.

How To Use

Work into hair with a Smart Comb or Smart Scrub Brush. Rinse with water and shampoo thoroughly with Sullivan’s Break AwayTM After Show Shampoo. After blow drying, the hair will be restored to a crisp, fresh texture that is residue-free allowing for an immediate refitting schedule.

Same Day Fitting

As an added benefit, it does not leave an oily residue on the hair after washing like other liquid removers on the market. This is such an important feature when cattle may need to be refit the same day. In fact, after washing out with our Sullivan’s Break Away After Show Shampoo & blow-drying, the hair will have a crisp, fresh texture that allows for ideal adhesive performance when the repeat grooming takes place.

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