Myst Equine Products

Myst Equine Products are the finest in Holistic Grooming Products, and we here at Martin’s Larsen Farms are proud to have them on our shelves.

Every Myst product contains their signature Anti-Itch Herbal Infusion, which is packed with herbal botanicals that soothe the coat, protect it from the sun, and fights the spread of bacteria.

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  • Dry Shampoo
  • Coat Elixer
  • Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Salve
  • Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Serem
Dry Shampoo
Myst Dry Shampoo

Cut your grooming time in half by using Myst Dry Shampoo. It is easy to use and effective on horses of every color. Removes stains, dust, and hard to clean spots all while adding luster and shine. Like all Myst products, our Dry Shampoo contains our signature Anti-Itch Herbal Infusion to help prevent fungus and skin irritations without leaving the coat greasy.  For best results use with the Myst Coat Elixer.


Coat Elixer Coat Elixer

Unlike any product on the market today, Myst’s Coat Elixir is an essential part of your daily grooming regimen to add intense shine, promote a healthy coat, and fight grunge. The Coat Elixir is diluted in water and sponged directly onto the coat. Once applied, simply sweat scrape off and let dry!

Additionally, Coat Elixir can be diluted into any liniment bath you prefer!



Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Salve
Wound Salve

The Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Salve is the perfect tool to help promote healing to minor wounds/abrasions to topical fungal infections. This bee’s wax-based salve creates a breathable seal over the affected area, protecting it from outside debris and flies.

Prevents itching and rubbing in areas such as the mane and tail of the horse

Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Serem  Wound Serem

The Anti-Itch Wound & Fungal Serum contains all the benefits of the salve but in liquid form. Ideal for covering larger areas of the body such as rump, hind legs, and face for irritations such as rain rot and complications due to allergies.  Serum can also be applied directly onto cuts.



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