Texas Haynet Products

Martin’s now has Texas Haynet Products. We are stocking the round bale net, as well as the two and three-strand square bale nets.

What is Slow Feeding and What are the Benefits?

Slow feeding promotes health benefits for livestock and reduces hay supply expenses for animal owners. Slow-feed hay nets encourage livestock to slow down and eat at a natural grazing pace. This prevents overeating and reduces the risk of ulcers, colic, and founder. With Texas Haynet, animals waste 50% less hay than they would without a net, thus, your bales will last much longer. Not only do these hay nets decrease waste, but they improve digestion and reduce animals’ overall health risks.Round Bale Hay Net

The nets’ design is safe for all livestock.

What kind of savings can you expect?

On average, horses waste 60% of a round bale. With a Texas Haynet, they waste less than 10%. Typically, the round bale hay net will pay for itself within 2-5 bales (this number can vary based on hay prices and herd eating habits). Most owners find they get an additional 3-7 days out of their round bale. This number varies based on a number of factors including headcount, bale size, hay quality, and weather conditions.

How do you install the round bale hay net?

1. Remove all hay strings, wrap, wire, etc.
2. Cast the Texas Haynet over the top of your round bale.
3. Check each side of the bale to ensure the net is evenly draped around the bale.
4. Tighten the drawstring snugly around the bottom of the bale and tie a knot to keep the cord in place. Tuck any excess cordage up into the net against the bale.
5. Use caution with shod animals. We recommend using a feeder with a solid barrier between the shoe and the net. Use caution with horned animals and animals with ear tags. Use caution with small hooves when using nets with holes larger than 1.75″.

How long will the Texas Haynet last?

The average life span is 2-4 years. This number can vary depending on how many days a year the net is in service and how abusive your horses are to the net. Nets that are used only a few months out of the year may last 6 or 7 years with proper maintenance. However, no hay net is indestructible. Occasionally, a horse will chew through the net. This is not an indication that the nylon material is failing, decomposing, or is substandard. It takes at least 2-4 years for nylon to begin decomposing.

How do I care for these hay nets?

To clean your net, simply spray it off with water to remove any mud, dirt, manure, etc. We do not recommend putting your net in a washing machine as it could become entangled in the agitator. We strongly recommend cleaning your net and storing it in a dry, shaded area during the off-season. By keeping your net out of the elements and away from pests (such as mice, rats, etc) your net will last much longer.

Stop into Martin’s today and check out the Texas Haynet products. You won’t be disappointed.  Matin’s has top-quality hay products available for your animals year-round.