MoorMan’s ShowTech Show Supplements

Martins Larsen Farms is a proud ADM, MoorMan’s ShowTech Show Supplements, and feed Dealer.  Working together to proudly help our exhibitors gain a competitive edge through superior feed and supplements.  MoorMan’s ShowTec Livestock Show Supplements are an industry leader in nutrition. They have built a legacy of making quality livestock feeds dating back to the late 1800s.

Championship performance through feed technology is the signature of MoorMan’s ShowTec. Research-proven and time tested MoorMan’s ShowTec products and programs have propelled thousands of exhibitors into championship drive. Martin’s Larsen Farms offers a variety of MoorMan’s ShowTec feeds from their highly acclaimed show pigs feeds to show feed for cattle, sheep, goats, and chickens. We will work with you to ensure that you are selecting just the right supplement for your animal’s individual needs.

Regardless if you’re aiming for a county or state fair champion, Moorman’s ShowTec has the products to fuel the nutritional requirements of your show livestock. Not only do they offer high-quality show feeds, but they also give back to the industry through show sponsorships, educational show clinics, and a top-notch awards program for all county, state, and major show winners using Moorman’s ShowTec.

Let Larsen’s Martin Farms along with MoorMan’s ShowTech Livestock Show Supplements help you achieve your championship drive goals and start to bring home the banners today.

These MoorMan’s ShowTech Show Supplements can Help Achieve the Championship Finishing Touch.

Fast Fuel  Fast Fuel

A unique, mini-pelleted, non-medicated, top-dress supplement. Specifically containing nutrients believed to be beneficial to the performance of exhibition livestock. Can be used on all species.

Fast Fat

The supplement can be fed during any phase of the feeding period to achieve the desired body condition. Fast Fat is designed to put a smooth finish on livestock and supply energy to the diet of animals being hauled and shown.

Natural Fit  Fast Fat

A high protein, non medicated supplement designed to be used with MoorMan’s ShowTec complete show feeds to give more muscle and dimension and shape, especially over the top.

MoorfatMoor Fat

An energy supplement that enhances condition and performance. Additionally, it helps to produce smooth well-defined body conditions along with healthy skin and a glossy hair coat.


An energy and fiber supplement for hogs that helps develop a hard finish and enhance the appearance of skin and hair coat. Additionally, it provides citrus and beet pulp which creates gut fill, expanding rib capacity

Shazam Granular   Shazam

Provides dietary support with key nutrients known to influence hair growth and hoof integrity. A host of beneficial vitamins, and complex trace minerals. Furthermore, the cell rate provides a source of nucleotides that may help nourish natural body processes, including hair growth and repair.

Lean Maximizer  Lean Maximizer

A top-dress, micro pelleted supplement. Specifically, designed to enhance lean growth and muscle expressions designed to be top-dressed at 2-6 oz a day.  This is a New product for hogs.

Moormans ShowTec Show PrepShow Tech Prep

A unique complete feed designed specifically for feeding to exhibition swine the night before and the day of the show. Provides 15% protein, 5.5% fat, and no more than 6% fiber. To enhance that full show ring look.


Moreover, these MoorMan’s ShowTec Supplements can Help Achieve the Championship Finishing Touch.

Above all, always refer to product labels for complete feeding directions and warning/caution statements.

Marin’s Larsen Farms is proud to support youth exhibitors who participate in the Livestock Awards Program for FFA and 4-H exhibitors. Don’t forget to submit an application within 90 days of the show.

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