Basic Equine Health

Basic Equine Health, created in 2013, was founded to provide an overall health improvement in horses and ponies. Their Gut Health products are aimed at achieving whole horse health with a focus on gastric aid and hindgut stabilizer. Making sure your equines health needs are met is a priority at Martin’s Larsen Farms.

Get back to the basics with Basic Equine Health.

Gut Health

Gut Health is the original product line that started it all. This line contains the liquid, gel, and powdered products. Specially designed to target the hindgut while promoting overall balanced health.

Peak Performance was introduced in early 2018. Basic Equine Products wanted to give horses all the benefits of the Gut Health line but in a solid delivery system. Peak Performance Top Dress Pellets are the answer.

Does your horse suffer from these symptoms?

  •  Decreased Appetite
  • Fatigues Easily
  •  Weight Loss
  • Low Topline
  • Lack of Energy and Stamina
  • Poor Attitude

  • Wind Sucking
  • Cribbing
  • Cold Backed
  • Pawing Teeth
  • Grinding
  • Weaving
  • Weak Slow
  • Growing Hooves
  • Ulcers
  • Increased Susceptibility to Laminitis and Colic

Martin’s Larsen Farms carries Basic Equine Health Product line that can help alleviate these symptoms. We stock Gut Health and Peak Performance.

Martins Larsen Farms Stocks:

Gut Health
  • Xtra Strength Liquid -Gallon and Quart
  • Original Liquied -Gallon
  • Pure Gold_ Gallon and Quart
  • Ez Xtra Gel -60ml tube, Quart, and Pint
Peak Performance
  • Xtra Strength Top DressPellets- 6lb Bucket
  • Original Top Dress Pellets- 6lb Bucket

Our two locations are in Oxford, Florida, and Eustis, Florida. In addition to our two retail stores, we wholesale hay to many feed stores in the central Florida area.

Our knowledgeable team looks forward to meeting and working with you. We are committed to quality products, top customer service, and to servicing our communities. We look forward to serving you.

Give us a call or stop in, we will be happy to find the right feed for your needs.

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